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Want to get a life-changing career in tech? What about at a FAANG company? I’m LaToya, and I’ve done it…twice! My mission is to use my experiences from Amazon and Meta (Facebook) to coach Black women and help you land your dream job in tech.

Technical and Non-Technical Backgrounds Welcome

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How Can We Help You?

Here at HER TECH UNICORN we strive to help women elevate their careers by empowering you to identify and lean into your superpowers in order to maximize your confidence and earning potential.

Any black woman seeking to elevate and grow needs a community. At HTU, we’ve realized that growth is not over just because you landed a job. There’s so much more that makes up our journey and ensuring that we are always on, leaned in and striving for excellence.

Through a multi-faceted approach, becoming a Unicorn will not only give you the resources you need to prepare you for your journey but it will also grant you access to support along the way. From articulating your story on paper in a compelling way, to interview prep, salary negotiations, and conquering imposter syndrome, I strive to increase your chances of securing your place in the tech world by creating personalized strategies based on your individual career aspirations.

Helping women double their salaries is my jam and if you are willing to learn and grow through mentorship, accountability, and the processes that have worked for me, I can help you expedite your path to the top.